“I've learned to slow down, let go, remain present and trust in the divine timing of the universe. “


"Amy’s intuitive painting classes have been life-changing for me. I am learning the power and value of trusting and leaning into the unknown and following the energy of the present moment in my life."


"The healing I received from Amy's class is something I hope everyone can experience. Had I known about [intuitive painting] it could have saved me many therapy sessions of going nowhere. I could have been doing this practice with Amy instead, having fun, shattering walls and transforming. You can’t afford not to work with Amy. Period.”


I LOVED Amy's words of encouragement and possibility, omg, it was sublime! I loved my growing self-trust just as much. The whole experience was so sublime, I was moved to tears. oh my goodness. Let's see, it's a beautiful wading into the deep lake of self, places we don't often go to in such a nurtured, held, spacious way. 


“I am so grateful for Amy’s gentleness and compassion. Her facilitation style meets one where they are. Her intuition is aligned with her higher self, and grounding. She is an inspiration! The world needs more of this! The ways that I have changed are still unfolding. I feel the cocoon has cracked open, and I am soaring. The change is soul cracking!”


Amy always brings the magic of tapping in and shutting down the inner critic.


"[Amy] is there with me as I have insights, roadblocks, and breakthroughs with complete patience. I leave class feeling seen and validated, and can't wait for the next class the following week. Class has given me a new way to look at everything I do; with compassion, patience, and acceptance of the process."


I am amazed and in awe of how the painting provides what I need every damn time.


"I've taken Amy's classes for about 6 months now and I want to continue for eternity. Amy's presence makes me feel safe and accepted. I've been dealing with trauma as a daughter of a narcissistic mother and have been working with a therapist for years. Adding this intuitive practice has improved my well-being."


it's an opportunity to be with yourself without judgement and to create your life according to your own design.


"I highly recommend this practice to anyone looking to better know and understand themselves and to connect with an incredible community. With Amy as your guide you will feel seen and held."


“During Amy’s Intuitive Painting process I was able to rediscover my true self. I created memories and artwork that I will cherish. [Class] manifested during a time of need and I am grateful for the tools and advice that Amy has shared. I’ve become more confident in what I create and this [process] has given me tools needed for self expression.”


"I felt I was at peace for a little while listening to the calm tone of [Amy's] voice, and appreciated [her] attentiveness to all of us and allowing us to be vulnerable without judgment or validation. I loved the opportunity to be free to be me and to be creative and expressive through art."