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Creative Arts Counseling is a deeply supportive container that allows for next-level healing. The process is part mentorship, part expressive arts healing, and part space-holding for your own exploration, healing, and liberation. 

Intuitive Painting for Liberation is an advanced-level healing practice. Clients who have 5-10 years of experience using a practice for healing, spiritual growth, sobriety, etc, will be able to leverage those years of hard work to amplify and enhance this practice, creating a paradigm shift allowing them to finally claim the liberation they have been seeking for so long. My clients have experience with meditation, therapy, personal growth work, shadow work, parts work, plant medicine, and/or addiction recovery programs.

However, if you have less experience with healing modalities, but you are looking for a practice to claim your liberation, this process will help you go beyond your wildest dreams. 

Regardless of your current skill level, intuitive painting will build your capacity to:
  • Regulate your nervous system when feeling big emotions
  • Divest from harmful behaviors by saying no to internal or external pressure to conform
  • Stop putting up with aspects of life you dislike
  • Try new life strategies that may feel uncomfortable at first
  • Honestly self-reflect on your motives
  • Love the hurt parts of yourself
  • Communicate what you want and need to others


I specialize in working with...

Spiritual teachers

KEYWORDS: longing but never achieving/realizing, white supremacy culture, spiritual bypassing, shame, hiding, presenting perfection - “I’m a teacher I cant have problems,” performing enlightenment = ungroundedness, studying but not embodying, spiritual despair, divine madness, what worked before isn’t working as well now.

Therapists/ Social Workers

KEYWORDS: carrying the burden alone, giving but not receiving, hiding from vulnerability in knowledge/ over-giving, burnout, exhaustion, grief, sadness, rage.


KEYWORDS: saviorism, self sacrifice, over-giving, can’t say “no,” survivors guilt, gotta save “em all/ can’t save ‘em all, can’t rest without guilt, panic, rage, grief, despair

People healing trauma from oppression

KEYWORDS: other therapies feel insufficient, negative self-talk, exhaustion, rage, body and brian fatigue, desperate for something else, feeling misunderstood, feeling unvalued, feeling invisible, anxiety, depression, terror, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, urgency, saviorism, survivor’s guilt, can’t find my people, too tired to build new supportive community, what’s worked before isn’t working now, hypervigilance 

People healing through shadow work

KEYWORDS: Fear of what you have found, shame about taboo feelings ex: rage, lust, etc, fear of going into the unknown, isolation from friends/family who no longer align with you, navigating big life changes that come from deep healing, learning how to set (new) boundaries, learning to trust your new self, existential dread, divine madness, struggling to integrate rapid growth, grief of lost/outgrown relationships, pain of feeling societal dysfunction, increased sensitivity to the world, struggling to find your place and purpose.

Artists who have lost the joy and flow of creating 

KEYWORDS: grief of losing the joy of creating, feeling tense when trying to create, getting blocked/stuck halfway through projects, feeling dread about creating, uninspired, bored, passionless, unadventurous, harsh comparing mind, inner critic has taken over, shame about producing/lack of producing, pressure to produce the “right” thing, negative self-talk, heaviness/tiredness/lethargy about creating, procrastination, stressed about the process, pressure to produce, just doesn't feel fun anymore, feeling like I “should” be able to create, I’m wasting my time.

people in (long term) addiction recovery

KEYWORDS: complacency,    disconnection, boredom, wanting more and deeper healing, stagnancy, struggling to find my place as I grow/evolve/heal, the road narrows, loneliness, what worked before isn’t working as much now, curious about plant medicine-style deeper healing but want to honor my recovery, need refresh of my commitment to recovery, feel like my healing has plateaued, seeking new and creative ways to enhance my recovery, social anxiety, “I’m a predecessor so I shouldn’t be struggling with this”

people integrating plant medicine work

KEYWORDS: lacking integration support, everything hurts, raw and tender, figuring out how to live as the new person I am, life feels jarring, integrating trauma healing, integrating vast new awarenesses, needing to build new self-care and resilience practices, what worked before isn’t working now, isolation from friends/afamily who no longer align with you.

people in grief

KEYWORDS: heartache, anguish, feeling alone in the world, reflecting on own mortality, fear of death, disconnection from life/Aliveness, hurt and angry that everything and everyone is moving on, disorientation, guilt/shame you’re not grieving “right”, daily triggers, pressures of capitalism, disconnection from death processes and ritual

People in transition

KEYWORDS: fear, uncertainty, self-doubt, confusion, loneliness, fear of the unknown, feeling misunderstood, struggling to set new boundaries, navigating shifts in sense-of-self/identity
Want more: boldness, self-love, self-compassion, self-assurance, personal conviction

People in burnout

KEYWORDS: brain and body fatigue, perfectionism, externalized self-worth, fear of failure, nervous system dysregulation, extreme exhaustion, feel full all the time, struggle with basic tasks, resentment, negativity, feeling trapped, decision fatigue, procrastination that leads to more anxiety, self-judgment/critique, shame, hiding, lost sense of (capable) self, grief, pressure, tension, binging/numbing behaviors behaviors

People healing perfectionism

KEYWORDS: Not following your dreams, passing up opportunities, feeling unfulfilled, comparison, self-judgment, fear-based controlling, shame, negative self-talk, externalized self-worth.
Want more: permission, ease, radical self-acceptance, self-love, being a bolder ally


4 weekly 2-hour sessions - $1,120
8 weekly 2-hour sessions - $2,240
12 weekly 2-hour sessions - $3,300 ($60 discount)

Private sessions via Zoom
In-person sessions available at intensives 

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