About Me

Amy Alaman, owner and founder of Sacred Paintbrush Arts, is a certified Master Facilitator of intuitive painting, certified hypnotist, artist, jewelry maker, whimsy chaser, and advocate for creative healing. She is proud to offer arts-based somatic healing classes and one-on-one coaching for Liberated Living and believes in practicing art as a means for personal and collective healing. Shortly after graduating from Mills College with a B.A in Ethnic Studies, she spent six months in Ghana and Kenya working with infants and children, planting her feet in the earth, and soaking up the energy of the Motherland as part of her own healing journey.

She combines her 20 years of experience in addiction recovery and mentorship, and her 10 years of intuitive painting experience to create deeply loving and radically non-judgmental healing circles helping womxn reconnect with themselves and find deep healing and transformation through creative expression. She also sells intuitively created artwork, hand-painted wearable art jewelry and other hand-crafted goods at her Sacred Adornment shop at local pop-up events. 

B.A. Ethnic Studies Mills College

Certified Master Facilitator of Expressive Arts, Creative Juices Arts

Certified Meta Hypnotist, Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute

Black Feminist Healing Arts Certificate of Integrative Health and Healing, UCSF REPAIR 


Photo credit: Nicole Combeau