Intuitive painting was birthed to fight the patriarchy. Read our origin story here.

Intuitive painting is a practice. Just like a meditation or yoga practice, it is a process we can do regularly to become skilled in new ways of thinking, acting, and being. Intuitive Painting For Liberation provides a process for learning how to discern between your intuition/highest self/ inner wisdom/ and your inner critic/ social conditioning/ trauma/internalized oppression. It's a process for learning to honor and follow your own inner wisdom even when you've been conditioned to be afraid and untrusting of that wisdom.

Before we build this discernment, our fear's advice sounds a lot like wisdom.

What do we do in a class?
In practical terms, we put cheap paint on cheap paper. We use the Principles and Practices of Intuitive Painting to help us intuitively pick the colors, shapes, and images we feel drawn to. And we paint! Each participant paints whatever they choose and receives one-on-one facilitation to overcome any fears, insecurities, and worries about their painting.

What if I'm not an artist?
Great! This is not an art class! This is a dynamic, active meditation practice using paint. Because you are you, everything you paint is a self-portrait. So when participants feel their painting is too bright, too big, or too intense, that insecurity reflects a self-judgment that is being illuminated. When we worry we've made a "mistake" and have "ruined" our painting, we receive facilitation to move through these judgments.

As we move through our insecurities and judgments about the painting, we are actually healing judgments and insecurities about ourselves.

We may, or may not, see a connection to a real-world self-judgment in the session. But over time, our lives begin to reflect the healing we experience in class. With Intuitive Painting For Liberation, our lives begin to reflect the confidence and magic that comes from learning to listen to and follow our own inner wisdom, no matter where it takes us.

After all, our highest self is connected to the universe/ the divine and can provide the best possible guidance for our lives.

What is Intuitive Painting for liberation?

The intuitive painting process is about nurturing your relationship with your own intuition, which builds resilience, self-confidence, and trust. We just happen to use paint to get there.

About how your painting looks or the artistic techniques you used. 

A paint-and-sip where you follow along to create someone else's design.

​A place to learn artistic skills like shading, composition, or perspective.

​An offering for young people and children.
I do not work with youth but I do work with adults who support youth! Youth will benefit most from Intuitive Painting if the adults in their lives develop an Intuitive Painting practice. Youth need adults who can model feeling and expressing emotions safely and responsibly, who can avoid burnout by embracing boundaries and power, and who can be open, curious, and non-judgmental. Adults can learn these skillsets and mindsets through Intuitive Painting For Liberation classes and retreats and then be even more supportive of the youth they love.

If you work in any helping profession, message me about a curated class for your staff/organization. 

Intuitive Painting Is not