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There are many programs and practices that support personal and collective liberation.

Here's how Intuitive Painting For Liberation fits into the landscape of healing arts.

Intuitive Painting
for Liberation

Systemic oppression trains us to ignore what we really want and need. We learn to self-police our thoughts, feelings, and actions to stay safe and avoid punishment. Intuitive Painting is a space to practice listening ONLY to your own inner wisdom and guidance. By following the Principles and Practices of Intuitive Painting, we practice new ways of being and somatically integrate that we are safer when we act in alignment with our intuition. 

A somatic liberation practice space allows your nervous system to unlearn self-policing so you can give yourself radical permission to trust yourself each and every day.

A Somatic Liberation Practice Space

Somatic Integration

In every industry where people have to perform at a high level, there is time to practice. Athletes, musicians, and actors, all practice before game day/ opening night/ the sold-out concert. It would be silly to practice in high-stakes situations where there are consequences for mistakes. Logically, we want to integrate new skills, like being more bold or assertive, before trying them in our relationships and work environments. 

A somatic liberation practice space provides a low-stakes environment to practice and integrate new ways of being and acting, so you are prepared for opening night. 

Building Trust

Each time we honor our inner wisdom by following our intuition, we give ourselves the opportunity to see that our inner guidance is trustworthy. Our inner wisdom is giving us just that, wisdom. It is not trying to trick us and it is very wise. But, if we do not follow our inner wisdom we do not get the opportunity to build a trusting relationship based on a lived experience of our own wisdom. 

A somatic liberation practice space provides a low-stakes environment to practice trusting yourself so you can experience how wise and trustworthy you really are. 

Leveraging Creativity

A human being isn't an object, it is a process. We are constantly and creatively evolving. By coming into union with our creative self, we can actively participate in our own evolution. Rather than having an identity crisis as we evolve, we can dig in and discover how to ride the colorful waves of change .


A somatic liberation practice space provides an opportunity to come into deep, loving partnership with our inherently-creative, ever-evolving selves.